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Renting a Party Bus in Seattle

If you’re in Seattle for your next big celebration, consider renting a party bus. These buses can accommodate 40 passengers and are customizable to meet your specific needs. They are an excellent way to see all the iconic sights of the city without compromising on safety or privacy. And since Seattle’s DUI laws are pretty strict, you won’t have to worry about running into trouble while driving. And remember to tip the driver, too. After all, it’s your night, and you’re entitled to a good time!

Can accommodate up to 40 passengers

Luxury vehicles are available on the market and need to be booked by the hour. The amenities include fiber-optic lighting, a bar with ice chest, DVD Player, TVs, mini blinds, and privacy partitions. These vehicles can accommodate eighteen to forty passengers and do not have luggage handling facilities. This type of vehicle varies by market. You can store your preferences so that you can make a booking faster.

Is a safe way to see the city’s iconic sights

Renting a party bus in Seattle will allow you to explore the city’s many attractions and landmarks safely, without worrying about driving yourself or your group around. Whether you’re a couple looking for a great night out or a large group of friends en route to the University of Washington Botanical Garden, a party bus rental is an affordable and convenient way to get around town.

When you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, you can rent a party bus in Seattle, WA. Party buses range in size, and can comfortably seat up to forty people. A charter bus in Seattle is ideal for large groups, and can accommodate anywhere from 20 passengers to 60. Charter buses often come equipped with dance poles and a traveling bar, making them the perfect choice for a night on the town.

Is a good idea to tip the driver

If you’re hiring a party bus rental service, it’s important to consider the etiquette for the driver. You’ll want to be respectful of their hard work and be courteous of them. You’ll also want to avoid distracting them. Here are some tips for making the experience a positive one. Regardless of what you’re doing on the bus, tipping the driver is a great way to show your appreciation.

You should consider whether to give a tip for your party bus driver. If the bus driver was very helpful during the trip, it’s likely that you’ll want to tip him for his hard work. Remember that the driver has a demanding job to do, and a 20% tip is not enough. But if you feel the driver’s service made a positive impact on your Seattle party bus rental, a small extra tip will go a long way.

Seattle Clubs

When you’re in the mood for a night of dancing and drinking, you might consider visiting one of the Seattle clubs. If you’re looking for a place that can offer you a great time and a great drink, check out these local favorites: Sunset Bowl, Q, Mint Lounge, Foundation Nightclub, and the Paradise Garage. All of these places are popular, but they have different vibes and prices. In this article, we will briefly describe each one and give you some tips about how to get there.

Sunset Bowl

In mid-April, Seattle will lose one of its favorite bowling alleys. After more than 25 years, Sunset Bowl will close its doors to the public. As part of its closure, the alley will host a closing auction for every piece of Sunset that can be taken apart. The auction will feature everything from the actual bowling alleys to the bowling shoes that always seem to disappear. The last day for Sunset Bowl bowling will be Sunday, April 28.

Foundation Nightclub

When deciding which nightclub to go to in Seattle, make sure to check out the Foundation Music Club. While Venom was a hip hop club, it has been converted into a purely EDM venue. If you love EDM, you’ll definitely enjoy Foundation. You’ll probably be greeted by more dudes than gals, so if you’re a girl, you’ll want to go with a group.


If you’re in the mood for some high-energy fun, you’ll want to check out the new Seattle club Q. This multilevel lounge is located in Capitol Hill and will feature innovative interior design, groundbreaking sound, and excellent service. Expect a twist on specialty drinks and signature infused vodkas. Q will be open seven days a week, and will be a lounge during the week and a nightclub on weekends.

Mint Lounge

The Mint Lounge is the newest addition to Capitol Hill’s nightlife. The former Baltic Room was purchased by new owners in 2019 and renamed Mint Lounge. While the new owners have not responded to CHS’ inquiries, business license records show that the same people own the club. In addition, bottle service and premiere mixology are standard here. It’s definitely not your typical nightclub. However, if you’re looking for a party, this is the place for you.

Vue Luxury Lounge

Although Seattle doesn’t have a shortage of nightclubs, it could use a shake up. Thankfully, Chuck Wang’s newest concept is about to change that. This lux lounge will also be an art space and music venue. Here are some of the features you can expect from the Vue. Let’s get started with a quick review of the space. Vue is located at 2324 2nd Ave., and it is open every day but Tuesday.

Laser Dome

The Laser Dome Seattle shows have been around for decades, but the show is still a must-see for the Seattle locals. The lasers dance to the beat of the music. The lasers and dancers are synchronized with music to create an unforgettable experience. The Pacific Science Center Laser Dome is one of the largest and longest running laser domed theaters in the world. On Saturday nights in November, the Laser Dome will feature a new show called Laser REZZ, featuring REZZ’s latest hits, mesmerizing lasers, and powerful digital sound.

Happy Hour in Bars

If you are a bar owner, you’re probably wondering how to make happy hour a success. This article will cover how to promote happy hour, where to find happy hour spots, what kinds of specials to offer, and how to create a zero-proof happy hour menu. Happy hour can boost your business if done correctly. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to a successful happy hour.

Promoting a happy hour

When you are promoting a happy hour for a bar or restaurant, it is important to know the legalities and regulations. If you are planning to offer alcohol to customers, it is crucial to check with your local alcohol control office and the relevant commission to ensure that the event won’t violate any laws. Happy hours are a great way to increase sales, attract new customers and build brand loyalty. They also allow you to offer discounted drinks for certain groups of people.

Places to have a happy hour

Happy hours are a great way to attract new customers and boost profits in a bar or restaurant. The hospitality industry is notoriously low-profit, and profits slow down when customers aren’t buying anything. Happy hours can help revive the atmosphere and give patrons a reason to keep coming back. Several sources suggest that these promotions can be effective for attracting new customers and increasing profits. If you want to see a real return on your investment, consider launching a happy hour.

Specials to offer during a happy hour

To be successful at offering happy hours, bar owners need to plan ahead. Choose the best days of the week and predetermine the happy hour hours in advance. Some popular days to hold happy hours include Thursdays, which are known for low business. Other times, happy hours can run all day, and you can even offer a flat rate for a certain drink. After hours, late happy hour specials can be an excellent way to attract new customers.

Creating a zero-proof happy hour menu

Creating a zero-proof happy hour drink menu in bars is a great way to attract customers without raising your bartender’s costs. While many states prohibit happy hours, zero-proof drinks are growing in popularity all the time. The key to a successful happy hour is a good staff. When your staff understands the benefits of alcohol-free cocktails, they will help you create a zero-proof menu that is sure to please customers.

Upselling during a happy hour

Bars that run happy hours are a great way to attract customers and boost business during slow periods. But what can you do to make your happy hour a profitable one? Upselling is the art of marginally upselling your customer’s order. Even if you’re serving cheap drinks, you can sell bigger glasses or side dishes for $1 each. Here are a few upselling strategies for bars. Read on to discover how to make your happy hour a profit-making opportunity.

Seattle Bars

While visiting Seattle, be sure to visit a few of the city’s great bars. For drinks, I recommend Pacific Inn, a nautical-themed dive bar in Fremont. Their beer is Manny’s and their margaritas are excellent. There are many other excellent bars to choose from, as well. These are listed in this article. But if you’re looking for an experience that’s truly unique, visit the Pine Box or Lucky Envelope.

The Nook

Intimate yet sophisticated, The Nook is a two-story bar run by brothers Jimmy and Johnny Rolfe. These drinkmakers spent four months looking for the perfect glassware for each drink. As a result, every drink here has its own special touch. The bar’s atmosphere is both relaxing and intimate, and it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends or family. However, before you sit down to drink at The Nook, you should take a look at its Yelp ratings.

The Pine Box

The Pine Box is a new Seattle bar that specializes in craft beers on tap and New American fare. The bar’s location is a former mortuary, which gives it a cathedral-like ceiling. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the bar staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The beer selection is extensive, and the food is fresh and well-prepared. A fun, unique atmosphere awaits you at The Pine Box.

The Lucky Envelope

If you’re interested in craft beer in Seattle, you should definitely check out Lucky Envelope Brewing. The brewery’s name was chosen by Raymond Kwan and Barry Chan to honor their Chinese heritage and capture the lucky spirit of red envelopes. Guests can enjoy beers like Peanut Butter Cream Stout and Two Pepper Pale Ale. This bar offers food trucks on Thursdays and Fridays. The Lucky Envelope is a new addition to Ballard’s beer brewing district.

The Nest at The Thompson Hotel

The Nest at The Thompson Hotel in Seattle is an opulent hotel bar with expansive views and a stellar selection of large-format cocktails and gourmet nibbles. The rooftop bar serves cocktails and gourmet bites in addition to a varied wine list. While the view is stunning, there are also plenty of places to eat, so it pays to be prepared to travel a little. However, you’ll need to make a reservation ahead of time.

Chuck’s Hop Shop

If you love craft beer, Chuck’s Hop Shop is the place for you. They sell hundreds of different varieties of bottled beer and 30 different craft brews on tap. You can buy pints or growlers to bring home. The beer menu is extensive, with plenty of options for every palate. There are even a few specialties for a beer connoisseur to try. During your next trip to Seattle, don’t forget to check out their extensive selection of bottled brews.


A unique bar, Unicorn in Capitol Hill has the atmosphere of a carnival. The music is loud, the decor is colorful, and the drinks are top notch. There are many different fun things to do here, including arcade games, corn dogs, and cocktail specials. Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Unicorn is a fun place to spend a night out with friends. While you’re there, try one of the floats, a bubble gum vodka shot, or even a unicorn shot!